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Ecological Olive Oil

Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil was designed as a modern plant with a commitment to strict adherence to regulations, full compliance with international standards, and sensitivity to oil quality, as well as scrupulous protection of the environment. The plant holds regulatory certificates from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Environmental Protection. Through innovative thinking and advance planning by leading Israeli experts, the plant incorporated “green” solutions in the processes of producing oil and utilizing its byproducts.


The products of the crushing process are oil and wet olive waste. The wet waste undergoes a secondary process by which the pits are removed and then transported to a nearby bio-gas factory, where it is converted to gas for producing electricity. The separated olive pits, likewise used in an environmentally-friendly manner, serve as combustible material for heating ovens, including those in the olive oil production facilities responsible for maintaining water temperature.


A solar system is installed on the roof of the Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil plant to harness the sun’s energy.